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              FOR GOD AND COUNTRY  

July 2019                   "THE CAN DO POST"      

Vol. 19 No.7

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Here we go into another hot Horizon City summer.

I’m not going to sugar coat this.  Your Post is at a cross-road.  We have a boycott going on and non-smokers aren’t coming in like they said they would and that is affecting the bottom line.  We haven’t had a pool tournament in 5 weeks and we have had several days in a row all month long where we didn’t cover payroll or utilities.  One day a week of good sales isn’t going to cut it.  As much as I have fought closing 1 or 2 or 3 days a week we may be forced to do just that.  You all know once we go down that road it will be a spiral effect downward.  At stake is, are we going to allow people to behave the way they want because they spend a lot of money in the lounge basically holding the Post hostage or are we going to follow the House and TABC rules and regulations and are we going to accept the vote of the majority of members and move on? 

The majority of Legion members at General Membership Meeting voted to go non-smoking.  Health wise it was a good move.  Business wise the jury is still out but nearing verdict.  Cindy Baker was suspended for 90 days by unanimous vote in the Executive Committee Meeting for conduct unbecoming by viciously verbally attacking the bartender and burning/tearing up receipts.  After giving her an out, by she presenting an apology letter any time during that suspension, the suspension would be lifted. She chose the suspension by her own choice.  We, by law, have to provide a safe non-hostile work environment for our employees.  The bartenders have to insure the House Rules and TABC regulations are followed.  Members are to follow said rules and regulations.  The Executive Committee enforces those rules and regulations.  There is no excuse for what happened to the bartender that night and will not be tolerated.  Some people have said the Executive Committee is selective in their enforcement.  We will investigate written complaints.  We don’t deal with after the moment non-reported happenings.  Some have said there were fights in the parking lot and nothing was done.  Was there a written complaint presented by any of the parties?  We will not become a Big Brother Eye in the Sky watching the video camera display every day organization.  After all, we are supposed to be adults.

We are trying to make a good smoking section and just installed the roof on the pergola. We will install a sun screen soon. 

We are going to have more events in the future.  Jesus “Shadow” Velasco has come up with a great idea.  He will be conducting a BB gun shooting challenge for anyone that comes, and he will provide the BB’s, BB guns and targets for the events. We will hold karaoke at least once a month towards the end of the month.  I have always held open General Membership Meetings so everyone has a voice.  Non-Legionnaires won’t have a vote but your ideas will not be silenced.  If you have ideas for events present them during those meetings.

We can get through this hard patch by being civil, patient and above all participating members of Horizon City Post 598


For God and Country

W. Clay Durbin





In a century of remarkable service, the American Legion had advocated on behalf of Veterans and affected change throughout America.  As part of the Legion Family, The American Legion Auxiliary is proud to support The American Legion, especially this month when our Legionnaire friends have their centennial!

The American Legion Auxiliary has received and reviewed essays from students attending SISD. Participants were asked to submit an essay regarding Immigration Policy. A recipient for the Scholarship Assistance was chosen and award will be presented at our next meeting on July 18.









First let me say I love this Post and have been a member for plus or minus 25 years.  I’ve served as Auxiliary President three terms and also served as Parliamentarian, Treasurer, Secretary and First Vice President.  I did the Newsletter once before and am currently your Editor.  Therefore, I feel I have earned the right to this editorial.  As usual, there are two sides to every story.

It seems the smoker members of this Post have been tried and convicted of “boycotting” the Post and as result, the Post losing money.  I have things to say regarding laying blame.

If smokers were outvoted – where are the non-smokers who wanted the Legion smoke-free??  It seems to me there is a distinct lack of support from the non-smokers if the Post is losing money.  Where did they all go???

I have no problem stepping outside to engage in my despicable habit that is too late for me to kick at my age; however, at my age and health I cannot and will not step outside when there are heavy winds, and/or 90 degree plus temps and the same thing goes for winter. 

Look – no one is boycotting the Post and it has nothing to do with Cindy Baker.  The timing looked like it was but I can assure you a suspension of one person doesn’t change minds – certainly not for me.

The Post has always been a place to meet my friends, have a drink, play the machines, play cards and, yes, smoke.  

Sadly I don’t see my friends as much anymore at the Legion or elsewhere.  I’m not blaming that on anyone – why are you?


A Little Bit from SAL's…                     American Legion Riders Trail Dust

Membership renewal cards should be in by next month, if you would like to get a head start for next year.

The SALS will be starting a gun raffle sometime next month.  I will keep you all posted on that.  You will be able to purchase tickets at the bar.

I’m still collecting aluminum cans for the Legion.  Drop off at my house or Legion.  Call me at 820-0244 for any questions.

Please come by on Fridays and share a meal and support the Legion.

If you would like to contact me, please feel free to do so at any time.  My cell # 915-820-0244, e-mail pohara@elp.rr.com



Patrick O’Hara

SAL Commander 598  


There was no input from the Riders this month. 

Tracie Purinton, Secretary (T&T)

Horizon City Post 598

American Legion Riders



For the year 2018-2019


DIRECTOR:  Greg Woolfold "Wolfman"

DEPUTY DIRECTOR:  Mike Richmond "Shorty"

SECRETARY: Tracie Purinton "T&T"

TREASURER: Dwight Borgman "Ditch"

Sergeant At Arms: Thomas Purinton "Chu Chu"

ROAD CAPTAIN: Rick Walker "Walkman"

HISTORIAN: Cindy Woolfold "Germie"

CHAPLAIN:  Virginia Borgman "Bling"

MEMBERSHIP:  Mike Fezter "Bugs"


1st Friday of the month 6:00 pm

ALR 598 Fri-Fest: 1st Fri. of Month





June is PTSD Awareness Month, a good time to stop and consider what type of help Veterans may need. PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder) is a mental health problem that some people develop after experiencing or witnessing a life-threatening event, like combat, a natural disaster, a car accident, or sexual assault.

If you have PTSD, you might also have other health problems, such as depression or traumatic brain injury (TBI), problems with abusing drugs, or other physical health issues.

Whether you are getting treatment for PTSD or PTSD and one of these conditions, you need a way to keep track of appointments, medications, and sometimes vital signs. You will also need to have regular communication with your health care team.

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Air Force Veteran Kenyon Campbell started using Secure Messaging after he took the PTSD screen. "I had TBI after a tour in Iraq, and I wasn't sure if I had PTSD, but I had symptoms that were upsetting me," Campbell said. "I signed up for My HealtheVet awhile back and saw an article in the health library about PTSD and thought I would check it out. Shortly after answering the questions, I sent a Secure Message to my provider to ask for a mental health referral." Campbell said. "My advice to anyone is to sign up for Secure Messaging which is so much easier than calling."

There are many resources available for Veterans with PTSD. One of the newest online tools from the National Center for PTSD is the PTSD Treatment Decision Aid.

The Decision Aid helps Veterans and family members learn about effective PTSD treatment options, compare different PTSD treatments, and read or watch videos about treatments and how they work. Veterans can build a chart to compare treatments they like most, and at the end, print out a personalized summary they can share with their health care providers.


News and Blurb from Bar Manager

Hello Everyone!

I hope this finds all well with our members and you’re enjoying the summer.

Business wise the Post Bar hasn’t been very busy except for the Friday Poker tournaments. I hope the Legionnaires, Auxiliary and SAL come up with some fresh new ideas of weekly events for Saturdays-Wednesdays otherwise it’s very possible that the Executive Committee may decide to close the bar on those days.

It is more important than ever that our members attend meetings. It is there that discussions can be had to present ideas for events and functions moving forward.

I have personally committed the last three years serving as Post 598’s Bar Manager and it has taken me away on many occasions from attending performances, concerts and sporting events of my (3) kids. I don’t want to miss out any more time with my children.

I have been training Victoria for the last few months for the Manager position and my replacement.

I want to thank everyone for their support in my decision and wish only the best for the Legion.

As always Live Laugh and Love,

Georgia Durbin



Planning a Special Occasion?

American Legion Hall, Post 598

Available for Weddings, Birthdays,

Quinceaneras, Meetings, etc.

Capacity 160 Persons

Kitchen Facilities Available

For Details, Prices & Available Dates

Call Lupe Morales 760-583-4108

           We Offer Membership Discounts



COMMANDER:                 David Crozier

VICE COMMANDER:      David Crowder

SGT AT ARMS:                   Ron Holm



East Zone Commander:            John Rinal

South Zone Commander:         David Lambrix

West Zone Commander:          Clay Durbin

Adjutant:                                         Roger Fulmar

Finance Officer:                          Marcia Barazza

Judge Advocate:                           Robert Steele

Service Officer:                              Tony Morgan

Chaplain:                                Humberto Navarez

Hubmaster:                                  David Lambrix


  Post Hours:

Sunday - Wednesday:

6:00 PM – 12:00 AM

Thursday - Friday:

5:00 PM – 12:00 AM


7:00 PM - 1:00 AM

5 Butt Rule Everyday

10:00 pm

(915) 852-4823


I, Cindy Baker am writing this letter in response to my suspension on the evening of May 7, 2019, following the Executive Committee meeting.

I was approached by the Commander, Clay Durbin, asking to speak with me in regards to an incident that occurred on May 2, 2019, with the bartender, Victoria Seaman.  After admitting to my part of the incident, I was given an ultimatum to write an apology letter to the bartender and the Post, or accept a 90 day suspension.  I chose the suspension, however, I was never given the opportunity to state my side of the story nor was I allowed to be part of the meeting that pertained to me.

I take full responsibility for my actions, however, I want to address a few things that have occurred that are far worse than my incident.  These incidents have not been addressed and are a clear indication that some members are treated differently than others.   Mine was a lapse in judgment. 

Following are events that have occurred with no repercussions.

All officers, including the Commander, were drinking at their meeting the night of their ruling on me, which makes any decisions made during that meeting null and void.  I know this because the Commander admitted to having 3 drinks, before turning down his 4th drink the night he approached me after the meeting.

Taking alcoholic beverages outside is against TABC rules.  Members were seen drinking outside the day the pergola was assembled.

Fighting is prohibited.  There have been several, inside and outside.

Deleting video tape recordings when bar manager, employees and customers were engaging in lewd and sexual acts at the bar.

Bartenders must be able to fulfill their duties and not participate in a pool tournament.  While on duty a bartender was observed keeping customers waiting, when requesting service.  A bartender was outside using her vape pen, and customers were coming to the door looking for her to get service. 

I could go on, but I believe I have made my point.  If I am going to be suspended for burning and throwing a receipt, I would like action taken on those actual infractions.

Thanks for 25 years of being a member, God Bless   Cindy Baker

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